Shot in the


MONKEYLECTRIC knew the world had never seen something like the Monkey Light Pro. It’s a bike light comprising 256 color LEDs that can display images and videos on your wheels. Not only had the company struck upon a scientific breakthrough for bike safety, but they’d designed an eye-popping visual experience that was the toast of tech fairs and science museums alike.

When MONKEYLECTRIC enlisted 12FPS, the startup had already tested nine prototypes for the Monkey Light Pro over the course of five years. They were ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign that would make their product go viral. The world’s most advanced bike light needed a video that would show off its ability to project digital graphics on spinning bike wheels.

Monkeylectric - Monkey Light Pro - 12FPS

Filming the wheel display in action posed a challenge, since it relies on the human eye and persistence of vision. We took to the streets of San Francisco and spent some late nights experimenting with the technology. During our shoots in public, it was invigorating to watch heads turn as the bikes blazed by.

Through lots of research and some wild leaps of faith, we found the sweet spot where physics and beautiful images mingle. It was an adrenaline-filled project that featured professional riders popping wheelies on fixies. Throw in some laser cats, a robot rave, dancing bananas, and an electrifying Back To The Future reference, and the video was as exciting as the product it celebrated. We could already see that MONKEYLECTRIC’s crowdfunding campaign was going to be a huge success.

And indeed it was, with hundreds of backers pledging over $200,000 to make the project a reality. After delivering the goods, MONKEYLECTRIC wrote this missive to its backers:

Our team is beyond excited to have achieved this milestone. It certainly hasn’t been easy.  It took longer than we ever could have anticipated.  But your patience, support, and investment in us made it possible for us to build 1,000 Monkey Light Pro’s. The Monkey Light Pro is a truly amazing product, and it’s now available for sale.

Their declaration was music to our ears! Click here to learn more about this project, and check out MONKEYLECTRIC here.